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"Let me start with the fact that I'm a veteran and ex-first responder. I love working out and if I could live my life working out I would. Downside of this, I was diagnosed with PTSD and now it is very complicated for me to get out of my house.


The duo assessed me and investigated my goals and drive, because it changes depending of my energy. Since I can't go to the gym they had to adapt to the situation and thank God they did.


They provided me with multiple workouts that kick my butt, put me back on track and that was respecting my limits. I never felt judged, nor evaluated by them, it was respectful, and they were to the point, no joking around, they were with me doing the deed.


I am still employing their service and do not plan on stopping it.

Jon, Cochrane, AB (online client), 35,

"Training with Pete from Grind Fitness might have been one of the best investments I made in myself.


I am 35 years old and I have been going to the gym for years on my own...but only when I started training with Pete did I realize how much I was missing out by working out without a trainer, especially one with this level of expertise.


After the assessment day, he focused the program on my strengths, weaknesses and specific goals and the results came very quickly. Not only was he there for the training sessions, but he also provided guidance for the rest of the week, because in order to achieve the best results, you will have to do some ‘homework’ and continue grinding on your own as well. After only a few months, I was able to reach the highest fitness level I have ever had.


Warning! He will make you work harder than you may have ever worked, but believe me, the results will be worth every drop of sweat… And possibly tears”

Dennis, Toronto, 35

"It was really a great pleasure to be trained by Anita. I would say she’s hard core professional and that’s what I needed my trainer to be.

She has been guiding me throughout the workout sessions and evaluating my strengths and weaknesses. From time to time making the necessary changes in the workout sessions.

She is simply an amazing personality. She has been continuously reminding me to correct the posture while exercising which is an important part of a workout.

She also did some counseling with me on my nutrition, protein intake, rest, and emotional well being. For example, taking one full rest day is essential for these kind of workouts. Proper stretching both pre and post workout is another great tip. Eating a balanced diet without any fear of weight gain is an important factor if you are working out on regular basis. Finally, protein intake is also a crucial factor.

Conditioning, strength training, Circuit Training, HIIT Workout, Power Packed Workout.... you can get it all here! If you want a real workout training to get the real results.... she is definitely the one!”

Harinder Kaur, Brampton, Age Withheld 

"I am applying for a competitive, physically demanding role within my organization. Approximately two months ago, I realized that I would need assistance in achieving the fitness level necessary for the role.


Pete actively listened to my concerns and took my input in consideration while developing a completely unique training regimen specific to my needs.


As Pete Lang trains himself for an equally challenging job, I knew that he would be the right person to assist me with my goals. I know Pete is committed to ensuring he has access to the best and most current training equipment to meet his clients’ needs but I was most impressed with the attitude he brought to our sessions.


I believe that Pete feels he is successful if you are successful.


Pete also brought an unmatched level of energy and enthusiasm that I found infectious.  I will continue to utilize his expertise for my future fitness goals."

Laura, Orangeville, 40

"After trying many different ways to lose weight with out any success I decided to search for personal trainer online. Finding Anita has been truly life changing for me. Anita is fantastic!


She makes you feel very comfortable no matter what level you are on. Anita is an amazing trainer as well as a great person. She is flexible with my crazy schedule coming to my house and with some simple weights she taught me how to get the most out of any workout I may do and she always corrects my form.


She keeps you going even when your body wants to quit. She helped me understand how to effectively work my muscles and I feel stronger I can notice the difference when doing things correctly. Anita is amazing, she is fun and knows how to push you without over doing it, she makes me enjoy working out-which I have never enjoyed before.


I highly recommend Anita as a personal trainer you will enjoy her spirit, sense of humour and appreciate everything she has to offer. Thank you Anita for everything you did for me it’s been great experience I will miss you, you're the best."

Anna, Mississauga, 41

"I am really grateful to be introduced to two of the most beautiful human beings on this earth Anita and Peter.


I worked with Anita and she is amazing at what she does. All you need to do is take a leap of faith and text/call Anita.


She creates a customized plan after understanding your goals, your current condition and inspires, guides and motivates you throughout the journey.


The key here is you enjoy training when training with Anita. 110% professional and quality trainer.
Pete always keeps in touch and motivates you.


I took my leap of faith now its your turn!!"

Shreyas, Mississauga

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