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Anita is a true fitness enthusiast & Certified Personal Trainer. She specializes in both strength and metabolic conditioning.


Prior to her years working as a personal trainer she obtained her bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Western Ontario. After several years of working in this field she became a registered Professional Engineer in Ontario (P.Eng) and spent 15 years working in both multinational and start-up companies in various roles. 

In 2010 she realized there was a serious lack of balance between mental and physical performance. This is when she began her own pursuit of optimal physical fitness.

After seeing the benefits to her overall health and fitness she envisioned the day she could do what she loves most: work with others to achieve physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle. Through formal education she became Certified as a Personal Trainer (CPT). Anita's personal commitment to physical fitness never ends and she aims to improve everyday.

Anita enjoys training all levels of physical performance. Her clientele varies from beginners, sports specific athletes to seasoned fitness enthusiasts that are looking to up their performance and take their training to new heights. 


She looks forward to every session with each one of her clients and takes the time to understand their individual needs. Through customized training programs, nutritional changes and lifestyle coaching she endeavours to make her clients goals a reality!


Peter's fitness journey started since his young years as he grew up playing a variety of sports. He then went on to the Canadian Military serving time in the Special Service Force and in Germany.


Peter left the army for a career in policing and has been a Police officer for 31 years. He is currently serving as a Tactical Team Sergeant and cumulatively has been for a total of 18 years.


He obtained fitness related certifications as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist, MMA Conditioning Coach, CanFit Certified Personal Trainer, and he is also a current Police Fitness Appraiser.

Peter focuses on sport or test specific programs for individuals seeking careers in Policing or specialized units within their service.

Airdyne HIIT Workout
Hip Thrusts
Battle Rope Training
Backwards Sled Drag
Circuit Day
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